Installing the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak

  1. Make sure that the power switch on the Nintendo 64 Control Deck is in the OFF position and that the power cord is unplugged from the wall outlet.

  2. Remove the Memory Expansion Cover located on the top of the Nintendo 64 Control Deck and remove the red label. It is okay to remove the existing Jumper Pak when you are replacing it with the Expansion Pak.

  3. Insert the Jumper Pak Ejector Tool into the back of the Jumper Pak and push downward, ejecting the Jumper Pak out of the connector. If you do not have a Jumper Pak Ejector Tool, they are available for purchase on our online store here.

  4. Insert the Expansion Pak into the Memory Expansion compartment, making sure that it is not loaded backwards. The text on the Expansion Pak should face towards the front of the control deck.
  5. Replace the Memory Expansion Cover on the control deck.

Important Expansion Pak Notes:

  • Once the Expansion Pak is installed, it is normally not necessary to remove it from the control deck. If you do remove the Expansion Pak, you will need to re-insert the Jumper Pak for your system to operate.
  • To prevent dust, dirt or other foreign material from falling into the expansion pak compartment, be sure to replace the Memory Expansion Cover after installing the expansion pak.
  • The N64 Expansion Pak is designed to work with all Nintendo 64 Game Paks, even those which do not use the Expansion features. For a list of games that use the Expansion Pak, see here.